1. What is Occupational Therapy?
Occupational Therapy is the art and science of enabling engagement in everyday living, through occupation. Pediatric OT addresses a child’s occupations of self-care, productivity and leisure, recommending activities and strategies to promote optimal function and independence based on the child’s unique set of strengths, skills and interests. As well, the pediatric OT addresses the environment and makes recommendations to the sensory, physical, and social aspects of the child’s environments where various occupations are performed.

2. Do I need a Doctor’s Referral?
No, you don’t need a Doctor’s referral to access private Occupational Therapy at My Kid’s OT. You may require the referral for insurance coverage. Please check with your insurance company for details.

3. How do I know if my child needs OT?

Your child may need OT if he/she:
Has sensory processing issues such as hypersensitivity to touch, food textures/tastes and sound
Poor ability to regulate emotions, behaviour and activity level
Has difficulty sitting still and paying attention in class or at the family dinner table
Has problems with organizing his/her time, belongings, homework
Is challenged by poor motor coordination impacting daily activities such as dressing, feeding, grooming, printing, cutting, catching or throwing a ball, riding a bike, tying shoe laces
Has frequent meltdowns and temper control issues
Is anxious or lacks self-confidence
Has difficulty socializing and playing with other children

4. Is My Kid’s OT private practice covered by OHIP?
No, OHIP does not cover private OT services however other sources of funding may be available through your insurance company, community agencies or grants from children’s charities. Please see Funding Sources  for more information.

5. How much does an OT assessment cost?
Please see Fee Schedule under Services and Fees

6. Is there a cancellation policy?
Yes, please see Cancellation Policy under Services and Fees

7. Does the OT share information with others?
Only with parental or legal guardian consent, can the OT share clinical findings and written reports with schools and other health care professionals. This is done in order to collaborate and strategize with other team members to further the child’s progress towards goal achievement.

8. Are Treatment sessions being offered?
Ongoing Treatment sessions are no longer being offered. OT intervention now consists of assessment, consultation, home programming sessions and parent support sessions.

9. What is a Sensory Diet?
A Sensory Diet is a prescribed program of customized activities and sensory-motor strategies that serve to promote an optimal arousal level and facilitate the child’s ability to regulate his/her emotions, behaviour and activity level in a variety of environments.

10. How do I book an appointment with My Kid’s OT?
With Covid-19 protocols now in place, appointments are scheduled only by contacting Debbie directly by email or by phone. Debbie is no longer offering feeding assessments in the clinic or servicing the 6 years and under population in the clinic, however virtual care is available to provide assessment. Please see the page, Book an Appointment.