Benefits of Occupational Therapy

OT Can…

ico-check-filledHelp others to develop the skills for the job of living so they are able to participate more fully in life

ico-check-filledHelp a person develop strategies to cope with anxiety,  poor attentional skills, organizational difficulties and sensory sensitivities

ico-check-filledAssist a person to understand their condition and the impact that it has on daily living

ico-check-filledSuggest how to modify a task or the environment to be more conducive to learning and optimal performance

ico-check-filledSupport children to be more productive in their school performance by improving fine motor skills required for handwriting and keyboarding

ico-check-filledFacilitate the development of positive social interaction skills and age appropriate play skills

ico-check-filledProvide recommendations to help a child manage their temper and learn to identify their emotions

ico-check-filledHelp a child improve their body awareness, motor planning and motor coordination through meaningful activities

ico-check-filledSuggest adaptive strategies including how to cope with transitions

ico-check-filledTeach a child how to perform self-care activities such as teeth brushing, eating with utensils, toileting and dressing